Workmanship Guarantee.

Andy Morrison founder of Handyman.co.uk and his son Chris have built a reputation as a reliable innovative providers of home maintenance services with 18 years online experience. Andy  always explains to customers that we may not be the cheapest, but we will be the best value out there and only we offer a full workmanship guarantee.

How It Works.

Step 1 If  there is any sign of dissatisfaction the customer must notify the member immediately and ask that the work be stopped  the member will send a full report and photographs of the works to customer care, they in turn will contact the customer for a short explanation of any dissatisfaction.

Step 2 One of our in house surveyors will then view the reports and make an assessment, Customer care will also review both parties version’s and send their findings to each side. if one or both parties are not satisfied with the findings, a regional surveyors will then visit the property to make a final decision. Both parties will agree to abide by the decision beforehand. If its found that our member is at fault we will then rectify the workmanship.

Thank you for your time

Customer Care

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